“The First Miracle” & “The Second Miracle”

Thirteen chapters down, only eight to go!

We left off with Trunchbull terrorizing Miss Honey’s class, and we have yet to see Lavender’s plan take effect. Not two pages into the first chapter we’re going over and it happens. Trunchbull was startled at first, but that quickly gave way to anger (not surprised at all, the woman is awful). Her anger was then directed at Matilda, and she accused Matilda of planting the newt. Now, she did say more than “you planted that vile creature” but Trunchbull’s rant was a solid paragraph of her throwing insults (she used a surprising number of adjectives). Matilda, knowing she did no such thing (and Lavender not owning up to it), starts to get angry, too. You know, if you still find something redeeming about Trunchbull, I’m not sure how I feel about you. She’s having a screaming match with a child, and she is accusing said child of planting the newt in her water without proof and with faulty logic. No adult should have a screaming match with a child. Grow up. Oh my word, it gets better: she threatens Matilda with bodily harm. I can’t with this woman. Wholeheartedly with Matilda on this one. That woman gets what she deserves. I digress. Matilda is so angry, she starts thinking about how much she hates Trunchbull. Then, a feeling comes over her that she describes as a sense of power and of great strength. She uses that feeling/power to tip the water glass (with the newt still inside) onto Trunchbull as retribution for accusing Matilda of an act she did not commit. After “bellowing” for a bit, Trunchbull finally manages to get the newt off of her, and now she’s seething and practically frothing at the mouth. She tries to accuse Matilda again, but the other students and Miss Honey vouch for her. She didn’t move from her desk, so how could she have possibly knocked the water over? This battle was won, but the war is yet to come.

After all of her classmates leave the classroom, Matilda stays back. She decides to tell someone what she did because she couldn’t keep that kind of a secret to herself. After some thought, she decides Miss Honey is the adult to confide in. Miss Honey has been looking for a way to help Matilda since her meetings with Trunchbull and the Wormwoods went so well, and when Matilda asks to talk to her, she instantly agrees. They have some back and forth – Matilda being her honest self and Miss Honey thinking her confession might be a bout of an overactive imagination. However, Miss Honey was willing to let her try to tip the cup over again. After witnessing Matilda tip the cup over again, Miss Honey is, naturally, quite alarmed but amazed. With no idea if Miss Honey believes what she saw with her own eyes, the chapter ends with Miss Honey inviting Matilda to her cottage for some tea.

What we know about Matilda so far:

  • She’s fine with being accused of something she did, but feels a sense of injustice at the thought of being accused of something she had nothing to do with
  • She has a power that she controls with her mind
  • Trusts Miss Honey enough to tell her what went down with Trunchbull

Characters we’ve met so far (other than those we’ve already met):

  • No new characters were introduced

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