Little Mermaid Cast List


To verify that you accept your role(s) in the show, please text or call Stage Manager Kimmy Kaur at (559) 349-2468. If you text, please give her your name so she knows who is texting her.


ALL characters (with the exception of Ursula and Prince Eric) will need heelys as you will be playing both above and underwater roles. Please order them ASAP so you have them for dance week. If money is an issue, please call or text Director Scott Hancock at (559) 907-4294 and CenterStage will pay for your heelys.



  • Ursula: Kari Mason
  • Flotsam: Michael Ferrer
  • Jetsam: Jacob Rios
  • Ariel: Lorraine Christiansen
  • Prince Eric: Caleb Harbin
  • Chef Louie: Cameron Barger
  • Scuttle: Will Gotten
  • Flounder: Eli Fisher
  • Grimsby: Kevin Carrillo
  • King Triton: Christopher Livermore
  • Sebastian: Christian David
  • Pilot: Michael Gill


(Specific roles will be assigned during music rehearsals)

  • Camden Johnson
  • Sarah Rosenthal
  • Anyeliese Escobedo
  • Alyssa Martin
  • Grace Reyes
  • Mady Broach


(Keep in mind, you are all in EVERY big number, these are just specific assignments for when needed.)

  • Princesses: Olga Bergstrom, Jennifer Gotten, Clair Gotten, Morgan Claiborne, Klair Mason, Emily Burchnell
  • Maids: Cady Mejias, Bridget Paul
  • Seagulls: Morgan Claiborne, Sydney Ennis, Tristan DeRedo, Zachary Guerra, Honoria Felton, Ariana Ault, Lucy Lopez, Riley McBee.


  • Natalie Seidel
  • Kayla Marroquin
  • Jeremy Marks, Sierra Hoff
  • Alyssa Anguiano
  • Sara Adam
  • Juliana Richardson
  • Emilie Richardson
  • Anna Martinez
  • Amber Winiecke
  • Madison Kuhn
  • Gabriella Show
  • Anyeliese Escobedo
  • Robb Johnson
  • Courtney Van Patten
  • Hallie Unruh
  • Auzzie Rezaian
  • McKensy Neal
  • Grace Bolton
  • Kiah Fisher
  • Brett Hedrick
  • Enrique Valdez
  • Luke Norton
  • Ellen Hauxhurst
  • Americus Cayabyab
  • Clara Billington
  • Amanda Shepard
  • Colby Carrier
  • Justin Diaz
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