A letter from the President regarding MATILDA: The Musical

It’s with the deepest regret that we made the decision to cancel this production. The goal of expanding our summer season was never without risk, however in this particular case a combination of things indicate that the timing was not quite right.

It’s a time of change at CenterStage. We assembled a creative team with fresh voices to deliver a show that was the perfect vehicle to launch this expanded season.
We simply did not have the requisite men and most critically, boys to properly cast the show. Perhaps we underestimated the amount of other summer options for Valley performers. Perhaps our efforts to market auditions were not enough. This situation, however it occurred and however unfortunate, only solidifies the necessity for CenterStage to make every effort to reach deep into the community, proactively make new connections and cultivate greater participation in and appreciation for the arts. We are wholly committed to that end.

As it pertains to casting, Music Theatre International (MTI), who holds the performance rights to Matilda, lists the character of “Agatha Trunchbull” as open to any gender. Modern storytelling demands taking risks and at times deviating from the expected in order to fill the role with the performer who can best tell the story. This is a busy theatre community — we can not afford to overlook talent. With inclusion and diversity being more than just buzz-words but rather integral elements that make theatre such a powerful medium, it’s incumbent upon us as producers to present opportunity to anyone with the ability to excel.

We move forward with “Legally Blonde” auditions June 1st. As always, we appreciate the ongoing support of this incredible arts community.

Brandon Crane, President
CenterStage Clovis Community Theatre

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